原文片名: 裸模 用身体感受金枪不倒大肉棒.x264.aac伦理
导演: 艾伦·佩姬,程远,董成明,陈熙明,朱建华,罗伯特·帕丁森,保罗·吉亚玛提,朱丽叶·比诺什,马修·阿马立克,杰伊·巴鲁切尔,莎拉·加顿,埃米丽·汉普希尔,萨曼莎·莫顿,凯文·杜兰,Patricia·McKenzie 
类型: 国产剧
地区: 其他 
年份: 2022

抢先看电影网 The documentary tells the untold story of John Lennons iconic Imagine album. Its also a story about Yoko meeting John and East meeting West. Two artistic minds connecting and inspiring each other both personally and professionally, ultimately co-authoring a radical worldview. Director Michael Epstein gained access to the extensive Lennon video, audio and photo archive, including much previously unseen material, and the film features never before seen or heard footage such as the first demo of Imagine (discovered by their audio archivist in an unmarked eight-track box) as well as unheard audio interviews with John and film footage of the couple working together in the studio. The film also features new interviews with those closest to the couple during the period of creating the Imagine album. qq电影网 抢先看电影网 qq电影网抢先看电影网